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Porticus Neptuni


Porticus Neptuni

Portico degli Argonauti near Portico di Neptuno.

Porticus Neptuni (Portico di Nettuno, o sia degli Argonauti) «Dione nel lib. 53, Marzial. nel lib. 2, epog. 14, Sparzian. in Adriano.» see chapter 5, article 8.

The porticus Argonautarum, built by Agrippa in 25 B.C. as the peribolus of the basilica Neptuni, north of the Saepta. Basilica and porticus thus carried out the idea of the imperial fora. The name was given to the porticus because the adventures of the Argonauts were painted on its walls. It consisted of an enclosure wall and of a colonnade within which was probably single, the enclosed area being 108 meters long and 98 wide. It was burned in 80 A.D., restored by Domitian and again by Hadrian, and was one of the most frequented resorts in the city. Some of its ruins have been found, - namely, portions of travertine pavement 4 meters below the present level of the soil, peperino blocks belonging to the enclosure wall, a Corinthian column of yellow marble, and various architectural fragments. (Platner)




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