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Templum Novum Spei


Templum Novum Spei

The Regionary Catalogue mentions templa duo nova Spei et Fortunae, but nothing further is known of them. An inscription belonging to a sacellum Silvani was found on the Pincian in the horti Aciliorum. In 1794 the foundation of the porticus of an octostyle temple fronting on the via Lata and also a portion of the cella wall were found at the corner of the Corso and the via Condotti. The columns were of red granite, and the bases, steps, and capitals of marble. No clue exists for the identification of this temple, and the same is true of other ruins not far distant, which may belong to a temple. These lie beneath the church of S. Giovannino in Capite, at the corner of the via della Mercede and the via del Moretto, and are the remains of travertine walls, 10 and 6 meters long, which form the sides of the northwest corner of some building in which a sanctuary of Mithras had been established in the fourth century. (Platner)




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