From: Stephen Lauf
Subject: the Design List Configuration
Date: 2004.01.14 14:31

If design-l goes anti political content, will that mean that content regarding Helena will be censored? She was an empress and that's a political position isn't it?

And what about talking about the design of Washington DC? That place is a political hotbed isn't it?

Imagine knowing someone with the personality of the aging Maximianus Herculius. I'm kinda seeing that now. This might just help a lot when Eutropia writes within "My Rita Novel Idea" since she was married to the guy.

Rita Novel is so much fun to design.

from soup du jour to deja vu:

"During High Mass in the Frauenkirche on Corpus Christi Day 1875 [Otto] had caused a public scandal by bursting into the church 'dressed in a shooting jacket and wide-awake', throwing himself on the altar steps at the feet of the Archbishop and loudly confessing his sins."

Otto lived till 1916, thus spent something like forty years confined to three rooms within a 'schloss' at the time on the outskirts of Munich.



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