From: Stephen Lauf
Subject: Re: elliptical fluency
Date: 2004.01.14 14:34

Jim Williams died today fourteen years ago, in the same room where Danny was shot dead by Jim. Oddly, I had a good time the room. Napoleon was sort of there too, along with that hourglass filled with specks of gold--"A minute of your life." Schmaltzy is as schmaltzy does?

Savannah timeline online.

Licinius and Constantia are not represented within The Marriage of Constantine and Fausta. Only second-guessing scholarship says so. And the two figures on the left are not oblivious.

Several von Ows live near Altötting.

Went to the theater last night with two fellow members of Cardinal Dougherty High School Class of 1974. Saw Simon's Biloxi Blues, and heard lots of CDHS gossip. Eva and the Cardinal loved every minute. Did you ever wonder if high school basketballers also seek out 'star quality' induced gratuitous sex? Biloxi Blues has lost most of its sensation.

"So how does Eva Stotesbury relate to Helena?" Nancy asked. "Eva hangs-out a lot with Cardinal Dougherty (ever since getting to know well him at the opening of Whitemarsh Hall), and Cardinal Dougherty High School is a big part of St. Helena Parish, Philadelphia. And weren't you married in St. Helena's Church?!?" the reclusive pilgrim replied.

At first I thought Eva was going to be the big camp, but now I think it's going to be the gradually feminized Napoleon. Lady Chablis hides her candy because it's a sour puss.

Contrary to his mortal existence, Ludwig II is now the exact opposite of a recluse, quite the popular "King of Tourism", and quite the intellectual as well. Perhaps he will share his dissertation on reenactment (if you can stand all the autobiographical parts).

Has anyone here (besides me) ever read The Changing Light at Sandover by James Merrill (as in Merrill Lynch)? How do you design a quartz pyramid so that it doesn't engender an atomic explosion? Is that why the ancient Egyptians fancied bald heads?



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