From: Stephen Lauf
Subject: the Stephen Lauf in yesterday's dusk
Date: 2004.01.25 15:24

On the way to TLA Video Chestnut Hill to rent Visconti's Ludwig and back.

Left St. Ambrose Parish towards St. Helena Parish, then towards Temple University's Tyler School of Art, which is part of the motherlode of Horace Trumbauer architecture, Lynnewood Hall just up the street, and right next to Elstowe, the quondam William L. Elkins Estate, now a House of the Dominica Sisters. [Otto is thrilled to hear that both St. Catherine de Ricci and Louis I. Kahn will attend the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention to deliver their jointly-authored paper.] Then on to a bit of Rt. 73 to Grey Towers, the castle of Arcadia University--Arcadia is a quite recent name for this older institution that changed its name because of

Now on towards Chestnut Hill through Whitemarsh and the scant remains of Stotesbury Mansion, and glad to report at last finding that sculptural fountain terrace as centerpiece in the 1950s residential community.

A jammed parking lot and a long line in the store.

Up Mermaid Lane past Cynthia's house (my 1993 portrait of her hangs over the fireplace in the family room), then all the way down Stenton Avenue, ending through St. Anthanasius, St. Helena, and finally home in St. Ambrose.

[Elapsed Time: 1 hour 25 minutes]



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