From: Stephen Lauf
To: Ronald Evitts
Subject: looky Ludwig
Date: 2004.01.26 10:29

The other night was my second time seeing Ludwig. It's slow and tedious and long (2 tapes). The story line pretty much sticks to history, and Ludwig is portrayed quite xxxxx throughout--if you don't really know the history, however, the movie then is hardly a lesson. Oddly, it's all spoken in Italian, with English subtitles. Otto is the xxxxxx thing in the movie, besides Ludwig's aides later in his life. I guess it was daring enough back in the early 1970s to deal with xxxxxxxxxxxxx, thus there is little else daring Visconti style within the film.

I know what you mean about those xxx get-togethers. It's like everyone came out of the same mediocre nasty test-tube or something.

Late last night I decided to return the movie during the beginning of the storm--it was very Ludwig dashing through the snow at night.



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