Raoul de Villedieu
abbot and architect.
Abbot of Mont Saint Michel from 1225 to 1236. He built the cloister of that abbey about 1226.

Milon de Nanteuil
Milon, the warrior-bishop of Beauvais, began the choir of his cathedral about 1226.

Section of the cell in which St. Francis died in 1226; it has been converted into a chapel, called Portinuncula; it is now beneath the cupola of Notre Dame des anges, near Assisi, built from the design of Vignola.
Fašade of this chapel; over the door is this inscription: HAEC EST PORTA VITAE AETERNAE
Side elevation of the chapel.
Plan of the same.

Fašade of the Church of St. Maurice at Angiers; thirteenth century.




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