Jehan Deschamps (Johannes De Campis)
architect and sculptor; d. 1280.
Deschamps made the plans of the cathedral of Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme, France), of which the first stone was laid in 1248.

Eudes de Montreuil (Montereau)
architect; d. 1289.
Probably related to Pierre de Montreuil. In 1248 he went with King Louis IX of France (St. Louis) on the seventh crusade, and assisted in the fortification of the city of Jaffa, in Palestine. On his return, in 1254, he built the church of the great asylum for the blind, established by St. Louis, which was called the Hospice des Quinze Vingts (destroyed 1779). He built also, in Paris, the churches of the Blancs Manteaux, of the Val des Écoliers, of the Mathurins, of the Cordeliers, of St. Catherine, and of the Hôtel Dieu. His epitaph was to be seen in the church of the Cordeliers until its destruction in 1580.

Heinrich Soynere (Sunere)
The first architect of the cathedral of Cologne, Germany. The first stone of the choir was laid August 15, 1248.




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