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398   Salvart, Jehan
1735   Salvi, Niccolò
1847   Salzenberg, Wilhelm
1874   Salzmann, Max
1544   Sambin, Hugues
1475   Sanchez, Unfro
1754   Sandby, Thomas
1492   San Gallo, Antonio da (I)
1518   San Gallo, Antonio da (II)
1508   San Gallo, Bastiano da
1531   San Gallo, Francesco da
1465   San Gallo, Giuliano da
1509   Sanmicheli, Michele
1480   Sansovino, Andrea
1507   Sansovino, Jacopo
1499   Santi, Raffaello

1610   Sarrazin, Jacques
1555   Scamozzi, Giovanni Domenico
1761   Scamozzi, Ottavio Bertotti
1582   Scamozzi, Vicenzo
1835   Schadow, Albert Dietrich
1788   Schadow, Johann Gottfried
1830   Schaubert, Edward
1820   Schinkel, Karl Friedrich
1691   Schlüter. Andreas
1856   Schmidt, Freidrich Freiherr von
1870   Schulz, Franz
1834   Schwanthaler, Ludwig Michael
1773   Sckell, Friedrich Ludwig
bc352   Scopas
1844   Scott, Sir George Gilbert
1450   Seabrooke, Thomas

1504   Sebastiano di Giacomo
1180   Seffrid
1472   Sellynge, William
1834   Semper, Gottfried
1500   Senault, Guillaume
1515   Serlio, Sebastiano
1778   Seroux d'Agincourt, Jean-Baptiste-Louis-George
1733   Servandoni, Jean Nicolas
1836   Sharpe, Edmund
1836   Shaw, Henry
1859   Sicard von Sicardsburg, August
1472   Signorelli, Luca
1510   Siloé, Diego de
1833   Silva, Joaquim Possendonio Narcisso da
1489   Silve, Gil de
1387   Simone da Orsenigo

1521   Sinan, Abdullah, Pacha
1744   Slodtz, Michel
1389   Sluter, Claux
1666   Smids, Michael Matthias
bc550   Smilis
1809   Smirke, Sir Robert
1855   Smirke, Sydney
1788   Soane, Sir John
1493   Solari, Cristoforo
1463   Solari, Guiniforte
bc320   Sostratos
1737   Soufflot, Jacques Germain
1519   Soulas, Jean
1248   Soynere, Heinrich
1486   Spavento, Giorgio di Pietro
1721   Specchi, Alessandro

bc536   Spintharos
1810   Stackelberg, Magnus, Freiherr von
1790   Staroff, Ivan Igorowich
1856   Statz, Vincenz
1850   Stevens, Alfred
1614   Stone, Nicholas
1472   Stoss, Veit
1306   Stowe, Richard de
1844   Strack, Johann Heinrich
1852   Street, George Edmund
1742   Stuart, James
1694   Sturm, Leonhard Christope
1472   Suardi, Bartolommeo
1137   Suger
1823   Suys, T. F.

"It is shocking to realize how very limited the language of contemporary architecture has become though, with the passing of High Style MOD, we have the opportunity once more to expand our vocabulary and remember our architectural lineage. The front of Hawksmoor's church at Spitalfields (London) comprises at least a Gothic spire, a French arch-de-triumphe and a Roman basilica, and this free-wheeling construction of elements was something which Schinkel and many other architects could do well; one admires their facility and envies their vocabulary. Never in the past (MOD Architecture excepted) have architects so completely rejected previous architectural forms and now is perhaps the time to acknowledge our continuity and remember our cultural background, wherever we come from, and this must be more important than any attempt at outright historical revivalism.
Schinkel's houses in particular exemplify the transition between Classicism and Romanticism--a time when classical ornament was greatly diminished and Romantic fruitiness had not yet developed. When I visited Glienike in 1964 I was amazed at the small domestic scale and the simple modest detailing which included staircases, rooms, and so on--it seemed to me a very modern building."
James Stirling, "Introduction and Comments" (to the House for K. F. Schinkel Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition) in The Japan Architect, February, 1980, p.50-1.

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