Giovanni di Lapo Ghini
Ghini first appears in the records of the cathedral of Florence in 1355 as a member of the commission appointed to consider the model of Francesco Talenti. In 1357 he was employed to lay the foundations of the first four piers of the nave. In 1358 he was associated with Francesco Talenti, and in 1364 superseded him as chief architect of the cathedral. About 1360, Ghini appears to have made a model (called chiesa piccolo, in the records) which called for five bays in the nave, and five chapels about the rotunda. August 13, 1366, this model was superseded by that of the commission of architects and painters (maestri e pittori) according to which the church was built essentially as it stands. (See Brunellesco.) August, 1371, Ghini's name appears in the records for the last time.




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