Francesco Talenti
architect and sculptor; d. after 1369.
The Talenti came from Ponte-a-Lieve, near Florence. Francesco is mentioned among the sculptors working on the Duomo of Orvieto in 1329. His name next appears in an inventory of marble for the campanile of the Florentine cathedral, dated 1351. This marble was for four windows. The three upper stories of the campanile are probably his work. He is last mentioned in the records of the campanile in 1357. May 29, 1355, Talenti was commissioned to make a model for the cathedral (S. Maria del Fiore), which should determine the position of the windows of the nave. At this time it was decided to make the four vaults of the nave square instead of oblong, as designed by Arnolfo di Cambio, thus increasing the length of the nave to its present dimensions. In 1358 Giovanni di Lapo Ghini was associated with him as capomaestro. December 20, 1364, Talenti was discharged, but July 22, 1366, appears again in a position subordinate to Ghini. His salary was stopped in 1369, which is probably about the date of his death. The nave was then nearly completed.




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