Antonio di Vicenzo
architect and military engineer.
In a document of July 3, 1386, he is mentioned as constructor of the bastion of S. Procolo (Bologna) which was still in existence in the sixteenth century. He made the design and model for the great basilica of S. Petronio at Bologna apparently with the assistance of Fra Andrea Manfredi, and on June 9 laid the first stone of this building.

Giovanni da Siena
architect and military engineer.
One of the leading military architects of the fourteenth century in Italy. December 17, 1386, he superseded Antonio di Vicenzo as constructor of the bastion of S. Procolo, Bologna. In 1391 he restored the tower at Rastellino near Bologna. In 1392 he superseded Lorenzo da Bagnomarino as architect of the Castel Bolognese. About 1422 Giovanni entered the service of Niccolò d'Esté at Ferrara, and in 1424 rebuilt the fortress at Finale near that city.

Paolo Masegne
Venetian sculptor and architect of the late Gothic period.
Paolo was the son of Giacomello dalle Masegne. His principal works are the monument of the Veronese condottiere Jacopo Cavelli (d. 1386) at the church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo in Venice, which has lost much of its sculpture and colour, and the sarcophagus of the famous General Prendiparte Pico, now in the museum of Modena, formerly at Mirandola.




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