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1386 Giovanni da Siena superseded Antonio di Vicenzo (see Antonio di Vicenzo) as constructor of the bastion of S. Procolo

1752 death of Kilian Ignatz Dinzenhofer

1809 birth of Joseph Nash
1896 death of Edward Falkener

Re: city making and city breaking
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reenactionary architectures
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speaking architecture
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Re: The world's new look. Really?
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Re: a Bemused Tadao Ando observation
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architecture and emotion=art?
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Chronology Piranesi
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postpostmoderniam (arrgh)
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Re: zomescape
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Future Site of the Barnes Foundation
Youth Study Center     1953
Calder Exhibition on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

afternoon field trip
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Tradition_ Stasis or Dynamic
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Diller Scofidio and Renfro blob up the Hirshhorn, yay!
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post your favorite Aldo Rossi here
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COBE   Farsta Centre   Stockholm

OMA   MNBAQ   Québec

Re: city making and city breaking
It has not escaped my attention that Operation Desert Fox has spurred some discussion here within the design-list that very much resembles the notion of humanity presently working metabolically, i.e., equal doses of creation and destruction. With regard to what I last said here concerning the possible notion of an assimilating architecture, my further elaboration of there presently also being an imaginative operation with a metabolic nature now seems very timely. I thus wish to interject one example of metabolic architecture/urbanism.
Berlin: foremost metabolic city of the 20th century
No doubt the city of Berlin, Germany has undergone unequaled metamorphosis throughout the course of the 20th century.
Berlin reached one of this planet's highest levels of urban density within the first quarter of this century.
In the 1930s, Berlin became capital of the National Socialist's Third Reich, an unprecedented create/destroy political machine, extreme even in its assimilation, the Holocaust purge.
1945, the Battle of Berlin leaves the city all but totally destroyed.
During the Cold War, Berlin increasingly becomes a very real duality, a duality much like metabolism itself.
1989, the Berlin Wall opens, falls, and within a few years the city is again united.
Y2K, Berlin begins the 21st century as a completely new German capital.
The pattern of creation and destruction completely pervades the last 100 years of Berlin's history, but then again it is also the capital of one of the 20th century's foremost metabolic nations.
Berlin and Germany are not alone in their metabolism, however. One only has to look at Japan and its two A-bomb cities, the two Koreas, the once two Vietnams, and there is always Israel and Old Jerusalem.
No one has yet suggested the likelihood of two Iraq's and/or two Baghdads, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if that place somehow became very metabolic as well.

991217a collection of plans   2302i15
991217b Grubbtown Civil War Memorial   2302i16
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99121705 Quondam elevations   2122i01
99121706 promenade architecturale perspectives   2156i09
99121707 Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts model   2188i00
99121708 Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts wireframe   2188i01
99121709 Monastery Sainte-Marie-de-la-Tourette model   2178i01
99121710 Winton Guest House model   2267i01
99121711 sun dial   2302i17
99121712 Institute of Contemporary Art plan   2302i18
99121713 Library 1 wireframes   2256i01
99121714 Library 2 wireframes   2257i01
99121715 Arcadia perspectives   2151i03 2259i02
99121716 door typologies, models, axonometrics   2257i02
99121717 patterns for x-hatch   2302i19
99121718 desk and bench perspective   2302i20
99121719 garage addition plans   2302i21
99121720 Parkway Interpolation Rodin Museum, model   2278i01
99121721 Parkway Interpolation Museum Annex stairs, model   2302i22
99121722 Parkway Interpolation Museum Annex, model   2279i01   b   c
99121723 Parkway Interpolation plans, section, elevation, axonometric, perpsectives   2278i02
99121724 Ulm Haus model   2302i23
99121725 Center City Philadelphia perspective   2093i03
99121726 Center City Philadelphia plan   2093i04
99121727 Center City Philadelphia Great Pyramids model   2060i01
99121728 Center City Philadelphia plan, street and building footprints   2093i05
99121729 Center City Philadelphia perspectives   2093i06
99121730 Ideal City Reenactment model with sunken court   2244i04
99121731 Ideal City Reenactment perspective   2244i05   b
99121732 Ideal City Reenactment perspective   2244i06   b
99121733 Ideal City Reenactment perspective   2244i07
99121734 Altes Museum, Museum for Nordrhine Westfalen plans   2120i04
99121735 Morphed Altes Museum perspective   2293i02
99121736 Museum for Nordrhine Westfalen partial model   2226i07   b   c
99121737 Museum for Nordrhine Westfalen perspective   2226i08
99121738 Museum for Nordrhine Westfalen axonometric   2226i09

2002.12.17 17:25
Re: a Bemused Tadao Ando observation
I have studied the evolution of Kahn's architecture beyond Kahn since my own architecture thesis 1981, and Ando's Museum of Literature design appears to be a late descendant of Kahn via late 1970s Stirling and early 1980s Isozaki.
Kahn's Levy Memorial Playground designs with Isamu Noguchi (1961-66, unbuilt), and his Dominican Motherhouse of Saint Catherine de Ricci (1965-69, unbuilt) engendered much formal architectural play, a genealogy that goes mostly unnoticed by architectural historians. Much of Predock's, work, for example, especially "reenacts" the Levy Memorial Playground designs.
Interesting how you relate the Museum of Literature to a kind of themepark. It could easily be said that Kahn's formal playfulness was inspired by Piranesi's Ichnographia Campi Martii, an ultimate plan of an ancient Roman themepark if there ever was one.

2004.12.17 13:34
Re: zomescape
A further investigation of zomescape may be inspired by the Kahn/Tyng City Tower project and the Mitchell/Guirgola 30th Street Site Master Plan for the Philadelphia 1976 Bicentennial Corporation.

2004.12.17 12:15
postpostmoderniam (arrgh)
Postmodernism (in architecture) literally began over 70 years ago with the reaction of the residents to Le Corbusier's Pessac housing.
A serious study of what buildings were under construction in 1950s Rome while Venturi was at the American Academy (e.g., Luigi Moretti's apartments on the Via Parioli) will add much to an understanding of the early genesis of 'postmodernism' as a distinct design methodology.

08121701 Durand scanned plan Old St. Peter's Basilica and Court   2390i24
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18121702 GAUA17 Tempio Malatestiano Courthouse with Garage City Tower Trenton Jewish Community Center Bathhouse Museum of Hamar Institute of Contemporary Art Netherlands Embassy in Berlin Ludi Museum NATO Headquarters Almost Semiquincentennial House plans placed   2429i362
18121703 GAUA21 San Giorgio Maggiore Johnson Wax Building and Research Tower Houses Under a Common Roof Trenton Jewish Community Center Bathhouse Pompidou Centre Parc de la Villette Follie Pull Stretched Danteum Mikveh PMP Danteum Plus Ultra plans placed   2429i363
18121704 GAUA22 St. Peter's Square Danteum Goldenberg House Wall House 2 Parc de la Villette Follie Capital Park West Was Wagner 001 CCTV I. Kahn Collagio Complex Religious plans placed   2429i364
18121705 GAUA23 Ury House 5233 Arbor Street Leicester University Engineering Building House VI Parc de la Villette Follie Capital Park West Was Wagner 002 Dominican Fortress NeuHaus 10 der Künste plans placed   2429i365
18121706 GAUA24 Mount Pleasant Guggenheim Museum Vanna Venturi House Silent Witnesses Zany House 001 Was Wagner 003 Mosque Q Maison l'Homme + Wall House 2 plans placed   2429i366

19121701 30th Street Station Railyard REMs wireframe opaque   2430i22
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