Hans von Berckheim (Hans Ammeister)
Hans von Berckheim was architect (Werk Meister) of the city of Strasburg in the first half of the fifteenth century. He built the public granary of Strasburg, a part of which still remains.

Column from the Church of St. Laurence at Florence, by Brunelleschi.

Base, capital, entablature, and architraves in the interior of the Church of St. Laurence at Florence.

Longitudinal section of this church; the nave is decorated with Corinthian columns.

General plan of the Church of St. Laurence, commenced in 1425, constructed from the design of Philip Brunelleschi, and finished after his death, in 1444. At the angles the transepts are placed, on the left, the ancient sacristy, build by Jean de Medicis; and on the right, the new sacristy, called the Chapel of the Princes, built in 1520 by order of Leo X, from the designs of Michael Angelo.

One of the divisions of the nave of the Church of St. Laurence.

Plan and section of the cupola of the Church of Sta. Maria del fiore at Florence.

Elevation of the celebrated cupola of Sta. Maria delle Fiore cathedral of Florence, the most important of the works by Brunelleschi, and the last example of the employment of the pointed arch.
Scoffolding invented by Brunelleschi for the construction of the cupola of Sta. Maria delle Fiore, from the engraving which was given by the Senator Nelli. (Studio d' Architeturra civile; Firenze, 1755, in fol. fig., vol. iv, pl. viii, B.) It was constructed, according to Vasari, with a perfection unknown till that time, and with such solidity that the workmen were enabled to raise and work their materials with the same facility as if they had been up in terra firma.

Corinthian pilaster from the Church of Sta. Maria del fiore at Florence.

Details of the pilasters which decorate the upper part of the pillars of the nave of Sta. Maria del fiore at Florence.
Details of the pilasters of the lower part of the same.




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