Antonio Claperos
A sculptor of Barcelona (Spain), who worked on the cathedral of that city after 1440. In 1449 he executed certain work for the cloister of that church, and, in 1458, statues of the twelve apostles for the fašade of the cathedral of Gerona.

Giorgio Orsini
architect and sculptor.
Giorgio appears to have been born at Zara, Dalmatia. His family was a branch of the noble Roman house of Orsini. April 23, 1441, he superseded Antonio di Pietro Paolo as architect of the great cathedral of Sebenico, Dalmatia. This building is an important example of the transition from the Gothic style to the Renaissance. In 1444 Orsini built a chapel in the church of S. Rainerio at Spalato, Dalmatia, and in 1448 the Gothic altar of S. Anastasio in the cathedral of that city. Between 1451 and 1459 he built the Loggia dei Mercanti and the fašade of S. Francesco della Scala at Ancona in Italy. June, 1464, he was associated with Michelozzo Michelozzi in the reconstruction of the Palazzo del Rettore at Ragusa. In 1470 Giorgio was sent on a special mission to Rome. In his contract with the cathedral authorities at Sebenico he was bound to do some of the carving with his own hand. The door of his house at Sebenico, with the bear of the Orsini carved on the lintel, is still in existence.




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