Alexandre de Berneval
architect; d. 1440.
The third, and one of the chief, architects of the church of S. Ouen at Rouen. His tomb at S. Ouen bears the date 1440. Alexandre built the southern portal and its rose window. He was succeeded by his son, Colin de Berneval .

Colin de Berneval
A son of Alexandre de Berneval (see Berneval, A. de), who, in 1440, succeeded his father as architect of the church of S. Ouen at Rouen. His effigy on the Berneval tomb in S. Ouen holds a tablet inscribed with a plan of the nave and main portal of the church, and indicates the portions with which he was mainly occupied.

Michel Clément
Michel Clément succeeded Colin de Berneval (see Bernerai, C. de) as maître de l'œuvre of the church of S. Ouen at Rouen about 1440.




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