Andreas von Kemften
He was one of the architects who drew up the statutes of organization of the German lodges in the reunion of architects and masons at Regensburg, Bavaria, April 25, 1459.

Konrad Roritzer (Thomas and Wolfgang)
Konrad Roritzer was architect of the cathedral of Ratisbon (Regensburg) from 1459 to 1465, and built also the choir of the Lorenz Kirche at Nuremberg between 1459 and 1477. Thomas Roritzer was cathedral architect at Ratisbon (Regensburg) in 1482 and Wolfgang Roritzer held that office in 1514, when he was decapitated for sedition.

Mosque of Mahomet II at Constantinople.

9. Plan of lower story of the Church of St. Sebastian at Manuta, erected from the designs of Leon Baptista Alberti.
10. Plan of the upper story, presenting the form of the Greek cross.
11. Entrance fašade of the same church. The irregularities and defects observable on this fašade ought not to be attributed to Alberti, but to those who after him had the charge of finishing this work. Vasari mentions a certain Luke of Florence, who was engaged to finish the works of Alberti at Mantua. (Vasari, Viti de' Pittori, etc., vol. i, p. 325.)
12. Section of the same church.
13. Detail of the architrave of the external doorway, with the freize and cornice.
14. Profile of the entablature, terminating the principal fašade of the church.




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