25 April

1248 dedication of Sainte-Chapelle

1398 Jean de Bayeux presented new plans for the Porte Martainville, Rouen

1459 reunion of architects and masons at Regensburg, Bavaria
1459 1473

1677 birth of Guillaume Coustou
1695 birth of Richard Boyle

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Yale School of Architecture (Enrique)
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Best Archinect quotes?
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OMA   Dutch Parliament Extension   The Hague

OMA   Galeries Lafayette Lumière   Paris

2003.04.25 12:12
Re: liberty architecture moving to ground zero?
4. What do the first Stock Exchange of the USA and the Grosse Neugierde have very much in common?
They both reenact the choragic monument of Lysicrates from ancient Athens.
The Merchant Exchange is designed by William Strickland, 1832, and the Grosse Neugierde is designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, 1835-37. Both designs represent an 'international style' of architecture at the time, specifically a style of architecture "learning from" the then recent French documentation of ancient Greek architectures/sites, and hence seen as symbolic of democracy. The Grosse Neugierde now stands at the quondam West Berlin end of the famous Glienicke Bridge where spies were exchanged during the Cold War. The Merchant Exchange, all clad in what looks like and probably is King of Prussia marble, first stood as a beacon for the early commerce of the USA, and today houses the National Park Service's offices of Independence National Historic Park.
5. There are a few other examples were Strickland/Philadelphia architecture coincides with Schinkel/Berlin architecture.

2003.04.25 16:22
Re: liberty architecture moving to ground zero?
Just because a consistency often goes otherwise undetected, doesn't make that consistency any less consistent.

2007.04.25 10:24
Featured Discussion: Volume
"...a 'hard copy' tool that brings in more architectural clients..." -- Was Le Corbusier subliminally advertising? Did the publication of SMLXL coinciding with an exhibit at MoMA bring Koolhaas/OMA more clients? I'll say probably and probably.
(I assume) clients look for someone they can trust, and they probably do that by seeing what architects are already trusted.
But your answer is viable, nonetheless. Just also be aware that the architectural field is repleat with (subliminal) copy-cats.
The client asks:
Are you an architectural brand or are you an architectural knockoff?
The architect responds:
That depends, are you a brand client or are you a knockoff client?
How many clients do you think I'd attract with "hardcopy" entitled Volume and Congestion?

2011.04.25 21:08
Best Archinect quotes?
It makes me happy that so much of the The Pale King is hilarious. Reinvigorating even.

13042501 Casa Collage 001 plan scan   225ai01
13042502 Casa Collage 002 plan scan   225bi01

16042501 Wave Wall House 2 plan site plan 2200x1100 Ury   2410i05   b

16042501   OMA   Dutch Parliament Extension   The Hague
16042502   OMA   Galeries Lafayette Lumière   Paris

17042501 GAUA 101 plans GAUA site plan 1100x550   2457i08   b

18042501 Flick House I site plan plans section   2333i03
18042502 Neue Nationalgalerie site plan plan elevation   2191i04
18042503 Neue Nationalgalerie elevation   2191i05
18042504 Palace of Versailles Altes Museum Whitemarsh Hall Philadelphia Museum of Art Bauhaus German Pavilion Neue Nationalgalerie plans   2092i26

19042501   IQQ24 model work   2468i74

21042501   Breslauer Platz plan model work   2228i06
21042502   Houses Under a Common Roof Maison de l'Homme La Villette Housing Palais Savoye @ District Q iq64/56 plans models   2170i52

Merchant Exchange, Philadelphia, 1832.

Grosse Neugierde, Berlin, 1835-37.

Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1917.04.25).




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