Pietro Lombardo (Pietro Solaro)
architect and sculptor; b. about 1433; d. 1515.
The son of one Martino of Carona in Lombardy, probably also an architect. The earliest notice of Pietro Lombardo is in a document dated September 8, 1479. He was probably employed on the Presbiterio and door of S. Giobbe at Venice, as well as the tomb of Cristoforo Moro in that church. The Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi, in Venice, is ascribed to Pietro. In the contract of March 4, 1481, for the erection of the church of the Miracoli, Pietro is mentioned as the architect of the monument of the Doge Pietro Mocenigo at the church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo, which was finished in 1481. In a manuscript quoted by Boni an abstract is given of the contract made with Pietro, March 4, 1481, for the construction of the church of S. Maria dei Miracoli at Venice. The work was begun at once and finished in 1489. The little monument to Dante at Ravenna was erected by Pietro in 1482. May 1, 1489, the procuratori of the Scuola di S. Marco at Venice contracted with Pietro Lombardo and Giovanni Buora for the reconstruction of that building, which had been ruined by fire. After November, 1490, they were superseded by Mauro Coducci. Pietro also rebuilt the church of S. Andrea della Certosa, Venice, which was destroyed early in the nineteenth century. After the flight of Antonio Rizzo in 1498, Pietro was appointed protomaestro of the Doges' Palace, May 16, 1498. Owing to the loss of documents it is impossible to determine how much of the building was designed by him. In 1500-1506 he built the wings of the Torre dell' Orologio in the Piazza di S. Marco, Venice, and in 1502 rebuilt the duomo of Cividale in Friuli, which had fallen in. Pietro Lombardo conducted a botega in the quarter of S. Samuele, Venice, where a large business was done in decorative sculpture. The figures were usually cut by his sons, Antonio and Tullio.




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