Pierre Fain
architect and sculptor.
In 1501-1502 Fain worked on the archi-episcopal palace at Rouen. December 4, 1507, he contracted with others to build the chapel of the château of Gaillon (Eure, France). In 1509 he completed the portal leading from the outer to the inner court at Gaillon, which is now at the École des Beaux Arts, Paris.

Tullio Lombardo (Solaro)
architect and sculptor; d. November 17, 1532.
A son of Pietro Lombardo. He assisted his father in many of his undertakings. Tullio made the bas-reliefs of the Apostles in the church of S. Giovanni Grisostomo in Venice. According to Temanza he assisted Leopardi on the monument to the Doge, Andrea Vendramini, in the church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo, Venice. The statuettes in niches under the sarcophagus are probably by him. He probably conducted the reconstruction of the cathedral of Cividale. The figures of the tomb of the Doge Giovanni Mocenigo in SS. Giovanni e Paolo are ascribed to him by Fr. Sansovino. In 1501, Tullio undertook two of the bas-reliefs in the Capella del Santo at Padua, which were not finished before 1525. Temanza ascribes to him the Capella del SS. Sacramento in the duomo, and the transept of the church of S. Maria Maggiore at Treviso. October 29, 1507, he was associated with his father in the construction of the church of S. Salvatore in Venice. In 1523 he carved a door for the studiola of Isabella d' Este Gonzaga, in the Palazzo at Mantua.




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