Sir Reginald de Bray
statesman and architect; d. 1503.
Reginald was the second son of Sir Richard de Bray, privy councillor to Henry VI. He became a favourite of Henry VII, and retained his confidence until his death. He succeeded Richard Beauchamp as master of the works at S. George's Chapel, Windsor, in 1481, and built his private chapel in the south aisle of this building. Sir Reginald de Bray was present at the laying of the corner-stone of Henry the Seventh's Chapel at Westminster Abbey, January 24, 1503. The design of that building has been attributed to him, but that honour probably belongs to William Bolton.

John Mylne (Milne) (I)
Mylne is the name of a large family of builders and architects who were master masons to the kings of Scotland. John (I) was appointed by James III about 1481. John (II) (d. 1621) and John (III) (d. 1657) succeeded to the office. John (IV) (b. 1611, d. December 24, 1667) succeeded his father, John (III), as principal master mason, and was made master mason of the city of Edinburgh.




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