24 January

1421 Jean de Dammartin made maître de l'œuvre of the cathedral of Le Mans

1503 corner-stone of Henry the Seventh's Chapel at Westminster Abbey laid

1664 birth of Sir John Vanbrugh

1711 death of Jean Bérain
1775 birth of John Papworth
1786 birth of Auguste Ricard de Montferrand

architecture, collision, etc.
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Re: archi-tech
1999.01.24 11:16

Re: archi-tech, was def: Computer Aided Doctrine
1999.01.24 18:47

Re: by design
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AD[vocating] PUBLICITY
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Quondam Notitiae
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the architecture of being [FOG]
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Re: I've been shut out at artforum talkback
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Re: Favorite Artist?
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Re: Fw: The New ICA. ICA Unveils Diller + Scofidio's Dramatic Museum Design
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Audubon not in love
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The Susquehanna Road
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for marcel breuer's admirers
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Architect Duel III - Live Photos from NYC
2007.01.24 12:06     3336h

The age of technological revolution is 100 years dead
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what is our current architectural style called
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DEconstructivism and Baroque..
2013.01.24 10:29     3716h

24 January
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Sam Lubell examines the U.S.'s trouble keeping top design talent
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Peter Zumthor   Allmannajuvet Zinc Mine Museum

98011201 Gooding House plans elevations model   3392di01   2236i01   b

1999.01.24 11:16
Re: archi-tech
Be careful of your use of the concept "create" in this context. Tools in and of themselves are incapable of creation; they facilitate dexterity and hence creation, however. Technologies and architecture are creations, and their own creative powers remain (forever) overshadowed by humanity's far superior creative powers. Your musings are thus incomplete without the inclusion of humanity's vast physical and imaginative capabilities. In terms of creativity, you must always remember the hand and the mind.

1999.01.24 18:47
Re: archi-tech, was def: Computer Aided Doctrine
JJM states:
It seems more than obvious that the tools we use influence the way we think.
SL replies:
It may not seems so obvious, but it is probably more true that the way we think influences the way we use tools.

2000.01.24 19:19
Re: by design
...we were part of a international conference on hybrid architectures. The conference is so hybrid that the participants don't even know (till now) that they composed a larger composite entity.
I know I'm 'playing' a bit here, but I also think I'm making a significant point about the 'hybrid' nature of cyberspace in general, and the ever morphing nature of the hybrid [architecture] specifically.

AD[vocating] PUBLICITY
I went to the store and asked how much authenticity cost?
The attendant laughed and asked exactly what authenticity was I looking for?
I said, "good, old-fashioned authenticity."
And the attendant said, "Oh, you mean like when the men that wrote 'all men are created equal under God' were the same men that owned several hundred slaves?"
I said, "Gosh, that sounds real expensive. Got anything affordable?"
"Yes," said the attendant, "there is an ongoing sale on authentic double standards. It's your basic two-for-one price."
After thinking a moment I answered, "You know what, I'll skip on the authenticity. Instead I'll buy that new book, Publi/City: Towards a new product placement. I think it's from some virtual publisher called Quondam."

...one that comprises actual product placement while also "theorizing" about the new role of publicity in architecture.

Quondam Notitiae
...Quondam Ideas, which would be a catalogue of all the project ideas had, but that don't necessarily become complete manifestations. ...wondered what the Latin word for idea was, and thus found notitia, notitiae. Interestingly, the first meaning of notitia is fame (as in notoriety) while idea, knowledge of, concept, notion are the second meanings.

the architecture of being [FOG]
It appears that the title should actually be an architecture of being virtual because that title is exactly what [the] work represents.
...letters that are to be included in AAOBV, such as the skins analogy/question, delivery of content, facilitators, etc., virtual TV stations/channels.
...more collage than traditional exposition/display.

2007.01.24 09:19
for marcel breuer's admirers
... and get that great new book on the workings of inspiration. I'm pretty sure it's called Even You Can Be A Copy Cat.

2007.01.24 12:08
The age of technological revolution is 100 years dead
"In the future, your whole life will be a phone call."

09012401 Horti Luciliani plan   2419i10
09012402 ICM Horti Luciliani   2392i79

10012401 ICM Amphitheatrum Statilii Tauri Porticus Neptuni   2110i74

2011.01.24 21:18
what is our current architectural style called
Architecture style is no longer defined by space, rather by time.
"Their house is the epitome of 2002 style."
"Design me something early 1840s. I'm feeling immediate-post-Schinkel lately."
"In the year 2525, when architecture is finally alive..."

12012401 Museum of Knowlwdge elevation   2185i09
12012402 Museum of Knowlwdge model   2185i10

16012401   Lever House plans elevation section nts   217ki01
16012402   German Pavilion plan elevation section nts   2152i01
16012403   Guggenheim Museum Bilbao model nts   2271i01
16012404   Villa dall'Ava plans elevations sections nts   2276i04

17012401   Peter Zumthor   Allmannajuvet Zinc Mine Museum

21012401   Pyramids of Gizeh site plan model wireframe   2060i32
21012402   Pyramids of Gizeh Temple of Horus AEG Turbine Factory Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Casa da Musica iq24 site plan plans   2060i33
21012403   Pyramids of Gizeh Versailles Palace/Park site plans   2060i34
21012404   ancient Egyptian architecture site plan images   2060i35
21012405   Pyramids of Gizeh Palace/Park of Versailles Pruitt-Igoe Housing Parc de la Villette Karastan iq58 site plans models   2060i36   b
21012406   Parthenon plan model opaque ris ill-proportioned width   2066i18
21012407   Parthenon plan model opaque ill-proportioned width   2066i19





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