Benedetto da Rovezzano (Guarini or Gualotti)
architect and sculptor; b. 1478; d. after 1552.
Benedetto is especially known as an ornamentist. His best preserved work is the fireplace of the Palazzo Rosselli del Turco now in the Museo Nazionale, Florence. He designed the monument of the Gonfaloniere Piero Soderini in the church of the Carmine, Florence, and that of Oddo Altoviti in the church of SS. Apostoli, Florence. In 1524 he went to England and made for Cardinal Wolsey the sarcophagus which was finally used for the tomb of Admiral Nelson in S. Paul's cathedral, London.

Louis van Boghem
Architect of Margaret of Austria, aunt of Charles V (1500-1558) and gouvernante of the Netherlands. There exists a contract dated March 3, 1524, between Van Boghem and André Nounton, quarry master of Dinant, for the erection of the monument of Franciscus, Archduke of Austria, in the church of Coudenberg in Brussels, Belgium.

Bullant (of Amiens), Jean
The records concerning Jean Bullant of Amiens usually refer to two persons. There may have been more. One Jean Bullant began in 1524 the church of Saint Jean hors les-Murs, at Amiens (Somme, France), and in 1525, the tour Le Compte, at Lucheu. According to the records of the Echivinage, a Jean Bullant was Machon de la grande église (cathedral), in 1633.
In 1569 another Jean Bullant was charged with the reconstruction of the belfry of Amiens, and made un pourtraict sur six feuilles de papier collés ensemble. From 1565 to 1574 he was occupied with the fortifications of the city of Amiens.

Giovanni Maria Falconetto
painter, architect, and sculptor; b. 1458; d. 1534.
Falconetto spent twelve years in an extensive study of the antique remains of architecture and sculpture in Rome. He also measured and drew the antiquities of Verona, Naples, and Spoleto, and later of Pola, in Istria. He settled finally in Padua, under the patronage of Luigi Cornaro, for whom he designed and built the famous palace now called Giustiniani, which bears his signature and the date 1524. Falconetto built the Porta S. Giovanni, Padua, in 1528 (signed); made the design and model for the church of S. Maria dclle Grazie, Padua; and other buildings. In 1533 he began the stucco work of the Cappella del Santo, in the church of S. Antonio, Padua, which was finished after his death by Tiziano di Guido Minio.

Santo Lombardo
A son of Tullio Lombardo. In 1524 he was chosen proto (with the cooperation of his father) of the Scuola di S. Rocco to supersede Bartolomeo Bono, Bergamasco, and held the place until May 12, 1527, when his accounts with the scuola were settled. The Palazzo Malipiero-Trevisan at Venice is attributed to Santo by Temanza (Vite). He is known as an architect only.

Jean Wast (II)
architect; d. October 8, 1581.
At the death of his father Jean, he succeeded him as maítre en second in the construction of the cathedral of Beauvais, serving under Martin Chambiges until his death in 1532, and after that under Michel Lalye. In 1557 he had succeeded Lalye as chief architect. Wast made the plans of the famous central tower of the cathedral of Beauvais, and built the lower stories, which were stone. The wooden spire was added by Florent Dailly. This tower fell in 1573.   3136




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