Laurentius Adrian
In 1531 Laurentius Adrian carved the wooden Reinhold statue in the Artushof at Danzig (Prussia). The Artushof, called also Junkerhof, has one of the finest Gothic interiors in Germany.

Domenico Beccafumi (Meccherino)
painter, mosaicist, engraver, and sculptor; b. about 1486; d. 1551.
A painter of the Umbrian school, he was influenced especially by Raphael, Michelangelo, and Il Sodoma. He is best known by his superb compositions in the pavement of the cathedral of Siena, the cartoons for which are now in the academy of Siena, and certain studies at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris. This great pavement, covering the entire floor of the cathedral of Siena, was begun about 1369, and was finished (by Beccafumi) in 1531. Among the many artists employed upon it, Paolo di Martino made the Moses (1426), Pietro di Minella the History of Absalom (1477), Benvenuto di Giovanni the Sacrifice of Jephthah (I486), and Antonio Federighi four important compositions.

François Marchand
architect and sculptor; b. about 1500 (at Orleans, France); d. about 1543.
Marchand appears to have been first employed to carve certain bas-reliefs for the façade of the château of Gaillon (Eure, France). A François Marchand, undoubtedly the same person, is mentioned in the records as associated with Pierre Bontemps in the execution of the sculpture of the tomb of François I, at the church of S. Denis (near Paris).

Pastorino Pastorini
painter, glass painter; b. 1508; d. 1592.
Pastorini was a painter of Siena, a pupil of Guillaume de Marcillat, who, at his death, bequeathed to him all his work. After 1531 he painted glass in the cathedral of Siena, and in 1536 restored the windows of the Palazzo Petrucci (Siena). After 1541 he painted glass at Rome from cartoons by Perino del Vaga.

Francesco da San Gallo, Sangallo
sculptor and architect; b. 1494; d. 1576.
Francesco was a son of the great architect, Giuliano da San Gallo. His best work is the recumbent statue of Bishop Bonafelde, at the Certosa, near Florence. Between 1531 and 1559, he made with Antonio Solesmo the monument to Piero de' Medici at Monte Cassino (Tuscany).




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