Giovan' Antonio Dosio
architect and sculptor; b. 1533; d. after 1609.
Dosio began as a goldsmith in Rome, where he spent three years in the atelier of Raffaello da Montelupo. He was employed by Pius IV (Pope 1559-1565) to restore antique marbles at the Belvedere. Returning to Florence about 1574, his first work was the Capella Gaddi in the church of S. Maria Novella. He built also the Giacomini-Laderel palace (begun 1580), the residence of the Florentine Bishop Alessandro de' Medici (begun 1582), and the Capella Niccolini (begun 1585) in the church of S. Croce. In the competition of 1586 he made a design for the fašade of the Duomo, Florence.

1559.07.10 death of Henri II

Fašade of a small house at Vicenza, said to have been inhabited by Palladio.




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