François Duquesnoy (François Flamand, Francesco Fiammingo)
sculptor; b. January 12, 1597 (at Brussels); d. July 12, 1643 (at Livorno, Italy).
Duquesnoy learned the rudiments from his father, Henry Duquesnoy, a Flemish sculptor. He was recommended by the painter Rubens to the Archduke Albert, of Austria, sovereign of the Catholic Netherlands, who gave him a pension which enabled him to visit Italy. He was employed in the decoration of the Baldacchino at S. Peter's. He made a relief representing a Concert of Cherubim, in the church of Santi Apostoli, Naples, a bas-relief of Children Playing, in the royal palace at Madrid, a great ivory crucifix, in the collection of Prince Lichtenstein at Vienna, etc. Duquesnoy was remarkably skilful in the representation of children. He was invited by the Cardinal Richelieu to establish a school of sculpture in Paris, but died at Livorno (Italy) on his way to France. His brother Jérôme, also a sculptor, left much work in Flanders.




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