Salomon de Bray
architect, painter, and poet; b. 1597 (Haarlem, Holland); d. May 11, 1664.
Salomon de Bray made a model for a church in Haarlem, Holland, and a plan for the enlargement of that city. There are pictures by him in the Oranien Saal at The Hague, and at Dresden. In 1627 he published a volume of poems at Amsterdam.

Jacques Lemercier
architect ; b. about 1590;. d. June 4, 1654.
Jacques is supposed to have been a son of Nicolas Lemercier. He studied in Rome. About 1617 he built the old château of Louis XIII, the small building of brick and stone which forms the principal façade of the Cour de Marbre at the palace of Versailles. In 1624 Lemercier was commissioned by Cardinal Richelieu to continue the construction of the old court of the Louvre. He built, adjacent to the wing erected by Pierre Lescot on the western side, the pavilion called Tour de l'Horloge, and the building next to this pavilion on the north, thus completing the western side of the old quadrangle. The Tour de l'Horloge, with its famous caryatides by Jacques Sarrazin, may be considered the best example of his work. In 1629 he commenced the palace of Cardinal Richelieu, Paris, which was afterward transformed into the Palais Royal (see Louis, L. N. V.). Of this there remains only a gallery of the second court, which is decorated with marine emblems. In 1629 also he was commissioned to build the college of the Sorbonne, founded by Robert de Sorbon in 1252. His famous church of the Sorbonne was begun in 1635. In 1631 he began the château of Richelieu in Poitou, now nearly destroyed. He commenced in 1633 the church of S. Roch, Paris, completed by Robert de Cotte and his son. In 1633 also he succeeded François Mansart as architect of the church of Val de Grâce, Paris, which was then built to about 10 feet above the soil. Lemercier carried the walls to the spring of the vault (see Muet, Pierre le, and Duc, Gabriel le). Between 1639 and 1641 he built the first Salle de Spectacle of the Palais Royal. He built the famous stairway of the Cour du Cheval Blanc at Fontainebleau.

Simon de Pape
architect; b. June, 1585; d. September 13, 1636.
The son of a silversmith. One of his earliest works was the Korenbuis at Audenarde (Belgium). In 1617 he was appointed Stads bouwmeester of Audenarde.




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