Liberal Bruant (Bruand)
architect ; b. about 1635; d. November 22, 1697.
A son of Sébastien Bruant (d. 1670), who was maître général de charpenterie du roi about 1635. Bruant made the original designs for the hôtel and church of the Invalides, begun November 30, 1671. He built the choir and nave of the church between 1671 and 1679. The work was completed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart.

Sir William Bruce
architect; d. 1710.
Sir William Bruce, Scottish architect, was the second son of the third baron of Blairhall. By letter of Charles II, dated June 3, 1671, he was appointed "general overseer and superintendent " of the reconstruction of the palace of Holyrood (Edinburgh, Scotland).

William Dickinson
Between 1671 and 1680 Dickinson superintended the erection of S. Bride's church, London, from designs by Sir Christopher Wren. He was surveyor of Westminster Abbey in the early part of the eighteenth century.

André Félibien des Avaux
architect and writer; b. 1619; d. June 11, 1695.
He was historiographe des bâtiments du roi, and was secretary of the Académie de l'Architecture at its foundation in 1671, and published Entretiens sur la vie et les ouvrages des plus excellents peintres anciens et modernes (Paris, 1885), Les Maisons royales des bords de la Loire (first published in 1874), and other works. His son Jean François succeeded him, and published Recueil historique de la vie et des ouvrayes des plus célèbres architectes (Paris, 1705).

Andrea Pozzo
painter and architect; b. 1642; d. 1709.
His real name was probably Brunnen (Puteus in Latin, Pozzo in Italian). His work was in perspective illusions, and his chief monument is the decoration of S. Ignazio at Rome.




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