Ferdinando Galli da Bibiena
painter and architect; b. August 18, 1657 (at Bologna); d. January 3, 1743.
Ferdinando was the son of Giovanni Maria Galli, a painter. The family took the name Bibiena from a little town in Tuscany. Ferdinando entered the service of Ranuccio Farnese II, at Parma. He was called to Spain by King Carlos III. At the coronation of the Emperor Charles VI in 1711 he went to Vienna where he remained until 1716. Returning to Parma, he built the church of S. Antonio Abate. The extraordinary decorations of the double ceiling of this church were painted by him also. One of his last works was the Teatro Reale in Mantua. Like the other members of his family he was especially interested in the construction and decoration of theatres and in scene painting. His Architettura Civile was published in 1711.

Jean Lepautre
architect, draftsman, and engraver; b. June 28, 1617, or 1618; d. 1682.
A brother of Antoine Lepautre. He was apprenticed to a cabinet maker named Adam Philippon, for whom he engraved a series of twenty-six plates from drawings which Philippon had made in Italy. The rest of his work is done from his own designs. The most important of his engravings are collected in the Œuvres d'Architecture de Jean Lepautre (3 vols., Paris, 1751).




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