18 August

751 BC rape of the Sabine women
feast of St. Helena

1615 death of Louis Métezeau
1657 birth of Ferdinando Galli da Bibiena

Campo Marzio - aerial perspectives and 3d modeling
1997.08.18     5397e

Campo Marzio - contiguous elements
1997.08.18     2632 5397e

archiving the Campo Marzio notes and data
1997.08.18     5397e

Maison Dom-ino Legacy
1997.08.18     3122s 3800u 5500l lc14h 5997

Porticus Neronianae and the circle/square juncture
1998.08.18     2080 e2887 5398g

18 August -- the feast of Saint Helena
1999.08.18 17:34     3739 82/0312 82/0313 82/0325 82/0326 82/0327 8210b

18 August 1999 - epicenter
1999.08.18 20:41     82/0337 8210b

damnatio memoriae and palimpsest
2001.08.18 13:19     3711 8210f

Happy Saint Helena Day
2001.08.18 15:32     3704b 3705g 3724c 3736i 3786c 4011b 4017t 5068 5117 8210f c0209

2001.08.18 15:46     8210f

Re: why building another church (any kind)
2003.08.18 17:59     3728g

2004 Olympic Games return to Olympia, Greece
2004 disclosure that the spiral columns of St. Peter's in the Vatican came from the House of Nero at Olympia

Why do you think you're creative?
2005.08.18 13:25     3784i
2005.08.18 15:49     3784i
2005.08.18 18:39     3784i

sacred or profane
2005.08.18 13:36     5012
2005.08.18 16:06     8210o

sacred or profane
2007.08.18 13:48     3334y

Why do you think you're creative?
2007.08.18 22:33     3334y

Postmodernism sucks... discuss
2009.08.18 12:50     3332f 3749r 3771 3786m
2009.08.18 15:40     3332f 3749r 3771

2009.08.18 17:05     3332f

17 August
2013.08.18 11:17     2427 3304m 3749x 3771g 3773m
2013.08.18 17:35     2427 3304m 3713i 3749x 3771g 3773m 4015p

Why do you think you're creative?
2013.08.18 11:44     3749x 3732c 3771h 3781j 3785g

The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
2022.08.18     8001g

Anne Holtrop   Bahrain National Expo Pavilion   Milan

Vector Architects   Seashore Library   Nandaihe

2009.08.18 12:50
Postmodernism sucks... discuss
Does 'ad grand mosque' operate within a realm of no clear rules beyond the immediate context of the situation?
Religious architecture, almost by definition, operates within a realm where there are clear rules beyond the immediate context of the situation.
I'm reminded of Frank Lloyd Wright's Beth Sholom Synagogue (1954),
where there are clear uses of ornament, albeit a modern building.
Symbolism, too, continues to be an (almost innate) ingredient of religious architecture.

St. Helena Church, Olney, Philadelphia (1950).
According to legend, St. Helena, feast day 18 August, discovered the 'True Cross'.

2009.08.18 15:40
Postmodernism sucks... discuss
...it is interesting that a legal prohibition of official prayer within Hagia Sophia was deemed necessary, but I'm not sure what that has to do with architectural design and how architects design.
Or are you providing an example of religious architecture operating within a realm where there are clear rules beyond the immediate context of the situation, even when the rules are clearly anti-religious?

2013.08.18 11:44
Why do you think you're creative?
I'm just starting to read a collection of critical essays on James Joyce, and so far it's interesting to see how Joyce's unique creativity seems to induce a creativity from the essayists that they might not normally have. I've sometimes noticed a similar effect when reading critical essays on Duchamp. Philippe Duboy's Lequeu: An Architectural Enigma is perhaps the apotheosis of this kind of critical effect creativity.
Is it then a fair hypothesis that one's critical deliberation of a unique creativity might well engender an as yet uncommon creativity from oneself?

13081801 Gimbel Square Development IQ09 models   2263i03   b

15081801   Anne Holtrop   Bahrain National Expo Pavilion   Milan
15081802   Vector Architects   Seashore Library   Nandaihe

19081801 Domestic Museum IQ61s15 contour model   2477i07
19081802 Dominican Motherhouse @ iq61s15 model work   2206i36

21081801   Rachofsky House plans elevation working data   2294i03



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