Caius Gabriel Cibber
sculptor; b. 1630 (at Flensburg, Holstein); d. 1700.
Caius Cibber was the son of a cabinet maker employed by the king of Denmark. He studied sculpture in Rome, and went to England just before the Restoration. He was employed by Sir Christopher Wren and John Stone, and assisted in the decoration of Hampton Court, Chatsworth, the Royal Exchange, and other important buildings. He was the father of Colley Cibber, actor and dramatist.

William Talman
architect; d. probably about 1700.
His principal work was Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England, built, in 1681, for William Cavendish, Earl, and afterward Duke, of Devonshire. He built Thoresby House (1671, burned before 1762). In 1694 he was appointed by King William III comptroller of the works in progress at Hampton Court. Sir Christopher Wren was surveyor at Hampton Court at the same time, and was much disturbed by Talman's interference.




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