Francesco Galli da Bibiena
architect; b. 1659; d. 1739.
Francesco was a brother of Ferdinando Galli da Bibiena, and like him especially interested in the development of theatre construction and scene painting. He worked at Mantua, Genoa, and Naples. In this last city he arranged the triumphal entry of Philip V, king of Spain. Francesco went to Vienna where he built a great theatre. He was selected by the Márchese Scipione Maffei to build the theatre of the Accademia de' Filarmonici at Verona.

Frans Langhemans
sculptor and architect; b. March, 1661, at Mechlin, Belgium; d. 1720.
Langhemans made the great altar of the abbey of Grimberghe, Belgium, and the monuments of Pierre Roose in the church of S. Gudule, at Brussels. In 1716-1717 he restored the façade of the Palais du Grand Conseil at Mechlin.




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