Eugenius Caspar (Casparini)
organ builder.
The Casparini were a famous family of organ builders in the seventeenth century. Eugenius, born at Sorau (Prussia), was the son of an organ builder. After working in Bavaria he went in 1644 to Italy and lived for many years in Padua. In 1694 he was called to Vienna. In 1697 he built the great organ in the church of S. Peter and S. Paul at Görlitz in Silesia, which was finished in 1704. This organ, the most famous work of Eugenius, is described by several authors. He built organs also for the churches of S. Giustina at Padua, of S. Georgio Maggiore at Venice, for the imperial palace at Vienna, and elsewhere. Eugenius was assisted by his son Adam. Adam's son, Johann Gottlob, was also an organ builder.

Sturm, Leonhard Christoph
architect; b. about 1669; d. 1719.
A mathematician and architect who was professor in the Ritter Academy at Wolfenbüttel, and afterward at the University of Frankfort an der Oder, Germany. He was later made Oberbaudirector in Schwerin, and was Baudirector in Braunschweig when he died. Sturm is best known by his many important works on civil and military architecture, published at Augsburg between 1714 and 1720.




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