Georg Anton Gumpp
architect; b. 1670; d. 1730.
Gumpp was one of the most important architects of the baroque style in Germany. His best works are the S. Jacobskirche (1717-1724), the S. Johanniskirche (1729), the Landhaus (1719-1728), the Turn und Taxis palace, all at Innsbruck in the Tyrol.

Johann Christoph Knöffel
architect; b. 1686; d. March 10, 1752.
Knöffel built the Brühl palace in Dresden.

Johann Balthazar Neumann
architect; b. January 27, 1687; d. August 19, 1753.
In 1711 he entered the artillery service in Würzburg, Germany. He attracted the attention of the prince-bishop, Johann von Schönborn, who sent him to Italy, France, and the Netherlands to study. Neumann built the fine palace at Würzburg decorated by Tiepolo, and the palaces of Bruehsal and Werneck.




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