19 August

1532 the first stone was laid of the church of S. Eustache, Paris
1559 death of Jean Bailly

1753 death of Johann Balthazar Neumann

1894 death of Wyatt Angelicus van Sandau Papworth

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Not There
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[new] Not There [city]
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Ichnographia Quondam
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Center City Philadelphia
Philadelphia City Hall   1901

your destination please
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Elvis 30th anniv. tribute thread
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the future
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Why do you think you're creative?
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Postmodernism sucks... discuss
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The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
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Frank Gehry Architects   Dr. Chau Chak Wing Building   Sydney

Kazuyo Sejima & Associates   Nishinoyama House   Kyoto

970819a ICM nymphaeum plans   2110i19
97081902 ICM stadium plans   2110i20

5. shell formations as evocative of the new "animate" architectures.

Ichnographia Quondam     8635

preliminary urban grid

superimposition of the Tiber


2007.08.19 11:01
the future
I exist mainly in a virtual environment yet other people often talk or think about me in the existing physical environment. It's like weight watchers in denial about putting on some virtual gravitas.

2007.08.19 13:54
the future
"In the future everything will be a reenactment (in cyberspace)?"

2007.08.19 11:19
Why do you think you're creative?
...the notion of being creative in the hope of making things better may just as easily mean being creative due to discontent.

2011.08.19 08:01
I wasn't at first entirely sure why, but my immediate thought (as response) was "look at team 10 primer." Maybe it's because that's the book I was told to read when I was in first year (1975-76). After a quick glance through it now, it's seems perfectly fair to say the whole book is exactly about exploring architectural ideas and developing architectural ideas.

13081901 Mikveh Israel plans models in register with IQ   220ci07   b

15081901   Frank Gehry Architects   Dr. Chau Chak Wing Building   Sydney
150081902   Kazuyo Sejima & Associates   Nishinoyama House   Kyoto

17081901 Pantheon Paradigm section 06 IQ19 base plan   243bi24
17081902 Palais des Congrès working model @ Pantheon Paradigm plans   2198i28   b

19081901 Dominican Motherhouse @ iq61s15 model   2206i37




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