Alexandro Gonzalez-Velasquez
painter and architect; b. February 27, 1719 (at Madrid).
At the age of nineteen he painted the decoration of the theatre of the Buenretiro, Madrid. In 1752 he was made director in architecture at the Academy of S. Ferdinande at Madrid.

Giovanni Battista Piranesi
architect and engraver; b. October 4, 1720, at Venice; d. November 9, 1778.
He was the son of a mason and went to Rome at the age of eighteen to study architecture. His plates were published under the following titles: Antichità Romane, 4 vols. folio, first ed. 1756, second ed. 1784; Monumenti degli Scipioni, l vol. folio, 1785; Sciographia quatuor Templorum Veterum, dedicated to Pope Pius VI, 1 vol. folio, 1776 (Part II. contains the Pantheon); Della Magnificenza ed Architettura de' Romani, 1 vol. folio, dedicated to Clement XIII; Opere Varie di Architettura, etc., Rome, Year VIII of the Republic; Lapides Capitolini, 1 vol. folio, dedicated to Clement XIV; Il Campo Marzio dell'Antica Roma, 1 vol. folio, Rome, 1762; Antichità d' Albano e di Castel Gandolfo, l vol.folio, dedicnted to Clement XIV; a volume of plates on the column of Trajan, a volume of plates on the ruins of Pæstum, various engravings of Roman vases, candelabra, etc.
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