27 February

first Equiria

273 birth of Constantine at Naissur, Upper Moesia     82/0272

1482 Alessandro Leopardi appointed by the Council of Ten in Venice special designer at the mint

1542 Montelupo da Raffaello contracted to finish three statues for the tomb of Julius II, by Michelangelo

1626 death of Salomon de Caus

1719 birth of Alexandro Gonzalez-Velasquez
1723 death of Sir Christopher Wren

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27 February - the 1st Equiria
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Re: decon/Brown
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repressed history?
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Match of the axis of life and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway
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Re: WTC design study
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27 February
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RFP / PERSPECTA 44: ping
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The display and organisation of books on a shelf
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Amsterdam's "ugly" architecture from the 70s proves resilient against gentrification
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Richard Meier   Smith House   photo: Mike Schwartz

2001.02.27 11:09
repressed history?
"Since about 1960, Modern Architecture, or the International Style and its related models, has changed dramatically. It has evolved into a new style, a "Late" version of its former [or quondam] self, and, at the same time, has undergone a mutation to become a new species--"Post"-Modern. Such changes in architectural history have occurred before--Late-Minoan, Late-Gothic, Late-Baroque are all examples of historical periods when a previous style was exaggerated--and Late-Modern architecture also exaggerates the period it comes after, the Early- and High-Modern architecture produced from 1920 to 1960. By contrast, Post-Modern architecture is a more definite split from preexisting tradition, just as the Renaissance broke away from the Late-Gothic: but it is a selective, not total, rejection of the previous era. Post-Modern architects are trained, after all, by Modern architects, and they have to adopt contemporary constructional methods; so there are several important ways in which they too are an evolutionary species."
first paragraph of "The Evolution and Mutation of Modern Architecture" in Charles Jencks, Architecture Today, 1982 (published in Britain as Current Architecture).
but then again...
"An essential reason for using symbolism today is that it can provide a diversity of architectural vocabularies appropriate for a plurality of tastes and sensitive to qualities of heritage and place. This use suits the need to respond in our time to both mass culture and pluralistic expression. Today the world is at once smaller and more diverse, more interdependent yet more nationalistic; even small communities seriously maintain ethnic identities and carefully record local history. People are now more aware of the differences among themselves yet more tolerant of these differences."
Robert Venturi, "Diversity, releance and representation in historicism, or plus ca chance..." in Architectural Record, June 1982.

020227a   Ichnographia Quondam study   2392i16
020227b   Axis of Life/Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2110i50
020227c   Benjamin Franklin Parkway/Axis of Life   2110i51
020227d   Schizophrenic Folds plans   2307i01

2003.02.27 11:02
Re: WTC design study
Now I get it. The whole WTC design event so far is more than anything a museum of lobbies(?).
Museum Collecting Point One: Monument Hysterique.
Ms. Curious:
"So what do you do?"
Mr. Nimiety:
"I collect museums."

2009.02.27 09:55
RFP / PERSPECTA 44: ping
Is Request For Participation the theme of Perspecta 44?
Is Anxieties or Dreams the theme of Perspecta 44?
Is Ping Pong the theme of Perspecta 44?
Is Beggars Can Be Choosers the theme of Perspecta 44?

2009.02.27 17:09
RFP / PERSPECTA 44: ping
Who does a bi-political architecture represent?
What does a bi-political architecture represent?
When does a bi-political architecture represent?
Where does a bi-political architecture represent?
How does a bi-political architecture represent?

18022701   Richard Meier   Smith House   photos: Mike Schwartz

20022701   Dresdner Bank plan elevations section site plan   223ci22
20022702   Dresdner Bank site model work   223ci23




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