Jacques Denis Antoine
architect; b. August 6, 1733, at Paris; d. August 24, 1801.
Antoine began his career as a working mason. In 1768 he was commissioned to build the H˘tel des Monnaies in Paris (finished 1775). The plans and elevations of this building were published in a monograph after his death. He was attached to the works at the Palais de Justice (Paris) after the conflagration of 1776, and constructed the great stairway and grille of the Cour d'Honneur. Antoine decorated the audience halls of the Cour Royale and built other important parts of the Palais de Justice. He introduced the use of the Greek Doric order in Paris in the little fašade which he built for the H˘pital de la CharitÚ.

Francesco Milizia
architect and writer; b. 1725; d. 1798.
Milizia studied in Padua, Rome, and Naples. He is best known by his books, Memorie degli Architetti pi¨ celebri (2 vols. 8vo., Rome, 1768, Parma, 1781); Del Teatro (1772); I Principi d'Architettura Civile (3 vols. 8vo., 1781).




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