24 August

358 earthquake at Nicomedia

410 assult on Rome by Aleric
2674 2737 2741 2862 2917 299b 3744

1572 the massacre of S. Bartholomew

1644 death of Nicholas Stone

1700 birth of Baron Karl von Harleman

1801 death of Jacques Denis Antoine
1814 the Capitol building at Washington D.C. was burned by the British
1885 death of Eduard Riedel

book outline redux
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The rape of the Sabine women
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A Quondam Le Corbusier
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the right direction (finally)
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Kahn and the New Testament
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"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
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peter's canon
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Acropolis Q story
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Architect and Debt - circa 1728 (England)
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We're suckers for any architecture that looks like us
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Thread Central
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26 August
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Cuteness and the fight for architectural preservation
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The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
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Estudio.Entresitio   House 1.130   Madrid

David Chipperfield Architects   Nobelhuset   Stockholm

02082401 rems models plus older stuff   232ai24

040824a Dominican Motherhouse of St. Catherine de Ricci plan   2206i03
040824b Dominican Motherhouse of St. Catherine de Ricci roof plan   2206i04
040824c Dominican Motherhouse of St. Catherine de Ricci site plan   2206i05
040824d Dominican Motherhouse of St. Catherine de Ricci model   2206i06
040824e Dominican Motherhouse perspective   2342i13
040824f Dominican Motherhouse perspective   2342i14
040824g Dominican Motherhouse perspective   2342i15
040824h Dominican Motherhouse perspective   2342i16
040824i Dominican Motherhouse perspective   2342i17
040824j Dominican Motherhouse perspective   2342i18
040824k Dominican Motherhouse perspective   2342i19
040824l Dominican Motherhouse perspective   2342i20

2008.08.24 08:43
peter's canon
I am quite surprised by the many who have not recognized Gehry's influence. If anything, he joined and most clearly built a unity of modernist architecture as self referential practice of structure and the same as a flexible practice of hyper-noumena; that is to say a compound of the mineral tectonics of here-and-now and the sating buffet of architectonic plasma.
Modern architecture is fully present and wide awake, and all the quondam dreams and nightmares now manifest reality itself. Is not then a prescriptive therapeutic and/or pharmaceutical architecture surely to be marketed as well?

13082401 Hejduk plans derivative plans within Campo Rovine plans   2197i06   b
13082402 Campo Rovine base map   2413i16

2014.08.24 10:38
Architect and Debt - circa 1728 (England)
Alongside the issue of debt, there is the notion of architects in prison.
Hugues Aubriot
prévôt de Paris.
Before 1369 he completed the second wall of the city of Paris (l'enceinte de Charles V) begun by his predecessor Etienne Marcel. He laid the first stone of the historic Bastille (Paris) April 22, 1370. The building was finished in about four years. This work brought upon him the animosity of the people. He was condemned by the bishop of Paris and himself imprisoned in the Bastille, March 1, 1382. He mustered an escaped to Dijon, where he died soon after.
[In my studio you will be asked to design a building that everyone will hate to the point where you, the architect, will be imprisoned within it.]
Playwright and architect John Vanbrugh also spent time within the Bastille. I think we was accused of being a British spy in France (or something like that).
My favorite buildings in Savannah are, of course, those of William Jay. If you haven't yet visited any of them, for sure do so the next time you're there. A brief review.
By 1823, Jay was back in England. He married Louisa Coulston in 1827. He designed several buildings and houses in Cheltenham and Cirencester before becoming bankrupt in 1828. In 1836 he accepted a government architectural post on Mauritius island in the Indian Ocean, where he designed a chapel before dying of a fever in April 1837.
(Only speculatively...) Was Jay's post to Mauritius in lieu of going to prison?

14082401   Estudio.Entresitio   House 1.130   Madrid
14082402   David Chipperfield Architects   Nobelhuset   Stockholm

18082402 Pantheon plan elevation   206gi46

19082401 Orchards plans working data   213ai01
19082402 Orchards plan site plan   213ai02
19082403 Orchards @ Johnson Estate plans site plans   213ai03

21082401   Grotta Residence plans working data   2264i04




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