Jose Esteve Y Bonet
sculptor; d. February 22, 1791 (at Valencia, Spain).
He studied sculpture at the Academia de S. Carlos (Valencia) and with the sculptor, D. Ignacio Vergara. In 1781 he was appointed professor of sculpture, and, in December of the same year, director general of the School of the Fine Arts. A long list of his works, chiefly on the decoration of churches, is given by Viñaza.

Étienne Maurice Falconet
sculptor; b. 1716; d. 1791.
Catherine II invited Falconet to Russia to make the colossal equestrian statue of Peter the Great. The Œuvres d'Etienne Falconet, Statuaire (6 vols. 8vo) were published in 1781.

Manuel Tolsa
architect, engineer, and sculptor; b. about 1750 (at Valencia, Spain); d. about 1810 (in Mexico).
In 1781 he went to Mexico as government architect. He directed the erection of the towers of the cathedral of the city of Mexico, 1787-1791, designed the College of Mines in Mexico, 1797, and other buildings. In 1798 he was appointed director of the Academy of S. Carlos, city of Mexico. His chief work is the fine equestrian statue of Carlos IV now in the pasco de Bucareli, city of Mexico.




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