22 February

1746 death of Guillaume Coustou
1791 death of Jose Esteve y Bonet

1807 death of John Carr
1827 birth of Pierre Chabat

architectural otherness
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apostasy is only half the story
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Re: WTC question
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...Novel idea for real
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Eutropia is a Syrian, you know
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Cubist ICM 002
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Rem Koolhaas to deliver keynote on day 3 of AIA National Conference
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Cubist ICM 002 detail

2004.02.22 16:24
Re: WTC question
Is any architectural project ever "all said and done?"
For example, look at the 'development' of Independence Mall in Philadelphia. The mid-1940's to the mid-1960's is when this area was erased of what was there, and newly designed as a 'national park.' In the 1990s, the design of this park was deemed unsuccessful, if not outright bad. Since 1998, this area is under reconstruction. From my perspective, this ongoing metabolic (i.e., creative/destructive) pattern is a completely apt representation of what the USA is (design wise, at least) all about.

2005.02.22 11:21
[Rita Novel idea] for real
"In a Theater, Seeking Insights on Urban Planning"
Obviously, they don't know Le Corbusier is really staying at Cape May Point and busy writing "Promenade Architecturale" for the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention.
Anyway, Happy Birthday Luis Buñuel and Happy Deathday Andy Warhol. They're still in Philadelphia since attending St. Catherine de Ricci's, Louis I. Kahn's and Albert C. Barnes' "The Bilocating Barnes Foundation" as presented on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway 13 February 2005. Besides, who can resist being around Dalí these daze?
Does anyone still remember "Acropolis" as presented early 1999 within schizophrenia + architectures? Well, it turns out that "Acropolis" (a group of experimental architectures poised on a hill) fits near perfectly on the future site of the Barnes Foundation along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
Eutropia is presently getting a real kick out of reminding everyone that she is a Syrian!

2005.02.22 14:20
Eutropia is a Syrian, you know
So who is Eutropia?
The wife of Maximian
The stepmother of Theodora
The mother of Maxentius
The mother of Fausta
The stepmother-in-law of Constantius (the father of Constantine)
The mother-in-law of Constantine
The stepgrandmother of the six childern of Constantius and Theodora
The grandmother of the five childern of Constantine and Fausta
The best friend of Flavia Julia Helena Augusta
The person responsible for the building of the first Christian church at the Oak of Mamre
And there are even some recent discoveries.

11022201   Museum of Architecture with other museum plans   2245i06

15022201   Bldg 9596j @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i109
15022202   Bldg 9596k @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i110
15022203   Bldg 9596l @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i111
15022204   Bldg 9596m @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i112
15022205   Bldg 9596n @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i113
15022206   Bldg 9596o @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i114
15022207   District Q 2700x4600 q7400   2297i03

16022201   Mat Slab Blob Complex schematic plan work   2439i01

18022201   Villa à Garches plan model opaque work   2151i13   b

19022201   IQQ Philadelphia Versailles Palace/Park Whitemarsh Hall Chandigarh Capitl Complex GAUA base plans   2468i38

20022201   iq63.06 plans   2413i74
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21022201   Casa Rotonda plans   224li01
21022202   Casa Rotonda model working data   224li02
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21022205   Walt Disney Concert Hall model opaque working data   225ii02




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