Henri Michel Antoine Chapu
sculptor; b. September 29, 1833 (at Lemée, Seine-et-Oise, France) ; d. April 15, 1891.
He won the Premier Grand Prix de Rome in 1855. Among his best works are "La Jeunesse," a figure for the monument to Henri Regnault at the École des Beaux Arts (1875), "La Pensée," a figure for the monument of Daniel Stern (1877), the monument to Mgr. Dupanloup at Orleans (1887), and the statues of Pluto and Proserpine at the château of Chantilly (1884), etc.

In association with Semper, Karl Freiherr von Hasenauer designed at Vienna the Museums of Art and Natural History, built between 1872 and 1884.




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