15 April

1797 Alfonso Giraldo Vergaz was made director of the Academia de S. Fernando in Madrid

1844 death of Charles Bulfinch
1888 death of Jules Gailhabaud

Vincenzo Fasolo, "The Campo Marzio of G. B. Piranesi".
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"Inside Density"
1999.04.15 15:20     8210

2003.04.15 06:01     3704b 3705i 3899l 3899w

Floor Plans
2008.04.15 16:49     3202e 3333u
2008.04.15 18:10     3333u 3770r 3794c

A Mat/Slab/Blob Genealogy
2011.04.15     3726c 3736u

15 April
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MoMA to raze ex American Folk Art Museum building
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SANAA   Elysée-Mudac Museum   Lausanne

Herzog & de Meuron   Central Police Station   Hong Kong

98041501 ICM Porticus Theodosius plans   2110i28

2003.04.15 06.01
1.   Atypical
2a. Lacunae
2b. Lapidary
3.   Sagacity
4.   Nimiety
5.   Reenactionary Architecturism

2008.04.15 18:10
Floor Plans

Institute of Indigestion
You R what U eat Department

13041501 New Not There City composite plan (so far)   206bi06

2013.04.15 21:53
MoMA to raze ex American Folk Art Museum building
multiple choice
Museum of Art Display Failures
Museum of of Provincial Art
Museum of Double Standards
Museum of Reality Show Art
Museum of Public Voices

14041501 House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 6 schemes plans   2239i11
14041502 Casa Collage 001 scan plan   225ai02
14041503 Casa Collage 002 scan plan   225bi02
14041504 Casa Collage 003 scan plan   225ci02
14041505 Casa Collage 004 scan plan   225di02
14041506 Casa Collage 005 scan plan   225ei02

15041501 ECCOlivetti Olivetti Milton Keynes plans  2195i07

16041501   SANAA   Elysée-Mudac Museum   Lausanne
16041502   Herzog & de Meuron   Central Police Station   Hong Kong

18041501 Y2K House plans image   229ji01
18041502 Casa da Musica level five plan working data   2320i13

19041501   IQQ20 base model work   2468i57

20041501   Victims site plan images   225ki07
20041502   Victims site plan work   225ki08

21041501   Basilica Sessoriana site plan model iq context   2070i27
21041502   Basilica Sessoriana model work   2070i28

A Mat/Slab/Blob Genealogy

OMA, National Art Museum of China, 2011.04.04.

Herzog & deMeuron, BBVA Headquarters, 2008.12.17.

Quondam, Working Title Museum 002, 2000.

Le Corbusier, Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti, 1963-64.



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