Louis Kahn and Anne Tyng, Municipal Administrative Building (Philadelphia: 1956-57).

Louis I. Kahn, Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Camp (Ewing Township, NJ: 1957).

Louis Kahn and Anne Tyng, City Tower (Philadelphia: 1956-57).

Yoshimura Junsoo, Shofuso (Pine Breeze Villa) (Nagoya, Japan to the Museum of Modern Art, New York to Fairmount Park, Philadelphia: American Japan Society of Tokyo, 1953-57), images: 2000.05.11. [museumification]

Le Corbusier, National Museum for Western Arts (Tokyo: 1957-9).
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Le Corbusier, Unité d'habitation (Meaux, France: 1957).
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Philip Johnson, "100 Years, Frank Lloyd Wright and Us." Pacific Architect and Builder (March, 1957), pp. 13, 35-36. Digest of speech to Washington State Chapter, A.LA., Seattle, on the occasion of the centennial of the Institute's founding.

Tower of Shadows   2186

Ellsworth Kelly, Four Black and Whites (Upper Manhattan Bay, 1957).

Louis I. Kahn, Jewish Community Center, Bathhouse (Ewing Township, NJ: 1956-57), images: 2002.08.06.



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