Louis I. Kahn

Trenton Jewish Community Center Bathhouse     Ewing   New Jersey


The Philadelphia School Deterritorialized   4061

2002.08.11 13:23
Re: Kahn and Wright
Seeing the Trenton Bath House for the first time last week while it was very much being used, more or less convinced me that Kahn indeed learned (and then knew) a whole lot about architecture, particularly architecture's osmotic potential--that place's integration of outside and inside is nothing less than a "breath of fresh air."

2002.08.26 13:20
return trip to Hermeneutics?
...want to return to the Bath House to instruct the lifeguards that the Bath House design is meant to represent four Jewish housewives playing bridge, and that is the information they should give out to all visiting photographer /architects from now on.

2003.11.17 12:14
Re: Is it the end of theory?
Although I'd surely like to see the Kimbell Art Museum in person, the longing to do so has been greatly diminished since I've seen the Trenton Bath House, where Kimbell can be see in its seminal state. I see both buildings as osmotic, architectures that brilliantly manifest an equilibrium of inside and outside, not at all different in this regard than the Pantheon/St. Mary of the Martyrs at Rome.

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