Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci   2206

Venturi and Rauch, Restoration of St. Francis de Sales Church (Philadelphia: 1968).   4117

Venturi and Rauch, D'Agostino House (Clinton, NY: 1968).

Aldo Rossi, Competition for the City Hall in Scandicci (Scandicci, Italy, 1968).

Theories and History of Architecture   4004t   u   v   w

Alexander Calder, Three Disks, One Lacking (1968).

Gottfried Böhm, Pilgrimage Church (Neviges, Germany: 1965-68).

From Rome to Las Vegas: An Exhibit of the Work of Venturi and Rauch (Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia Art Alliance, 1968).   4121

James Stirling, Competition Design for a Community of 1,500 Low-Cost Houses (Lima, Peru, 1968).




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