"Maison l'Homme"   2196

House 10: Museum   2197

Robert Venturi, National Collegiate Football Hall of Fame (collage: 1967).

William N. Breger, Civic Center Synagogue (New York, NY: 1965-67).

Venturi and Rauch, National Collegiate Football Hall of Fame (New Brunswick, NJ: 1967).

Louis I. Kahn, Fisher House (Hatboro: 1960-67), images: 1999.09.27.
The Fisher House is on a quiet residential street in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. One can clearly see the house from the street, except for the dense foliage of the surrounding trees. I would have ventured closer to the house, but a large dog near the front door started barking.

Louise Nevelson, Ice Palace (1967).

Hubert Bennett, The Greater London Council, Hayward Gallery (South Bank, London, England: 1961-67).

Douglas J Cardinal, St. Mary's Church (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada: 1965-67).

Gottfried Böhm, City Hall (Bensberg, Germany: 1965-67).



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