Frank Russell, guest editor, Architectural Design (London: Academy Editions, vol. 53 no. 1/2, 1983).
Pliny's Villa at Laurentum
AD PROFILE 45: Architecture in Progress--IBA Berlin 1984
Doug Clelland:
Architecture in Progress
Josef Paul Kleihues:
Architecture, as I wanted to say, needs the care and support of us all
Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani:
Wolfgang Braunfels:
Politics and Architecture: IBA and the Question of Berlin
AD interview:
The Facts and the Dreams
Thomas Biller and Wolfgang Schäche:
Notes on the Rise, Development and Destruction of a Block in Friedrichstadt
Hardt-Waltherr Hämer anbd Stefan Krätke:
Urban Renewal without Displacement
Competition Descriptions and Plans
IBA Berlin 1984 Selected Projects
Prager Platz
Southern Tiergartenviertel
Southern Friedrichstadt
Oswald Mathias Ungers:
Friedrichvorstadt Study
Colin Rowe:
Comments on the IBA Proposals

Charles Jencks, guest editor, Architectural Design (London: Academy Editions, vol. 53 no. 7/8, 1983).
AD PROFILE 48: Abstract Representation
Charles Jencks:
The Perennial Architecture Debate
Eisenman & Robertson
Josef Wiedemann
Oswald mathias Ungers
Toyokazu Watanabe
Terada, Takeyama & United Actions
Minoru Takeyama
Venturi, Rauch & Scott Brown
Robert Stern
Voorsanger & Mills
Ace Architects
Stanley Tigerman
Helmut Jahn
Taft Architects
Michael Graves Hans Hollein
Michael Graves:
A Case for Figurative Architrecture

Rob Krier, guest editor, Architectural Design (London: Academy Editions, vol. 53 no. 9/10, 1983).
The Prints of frank Stella
Mario Botta: Six Projects
Charles Jencks:
Mario Botta and the New Tuscanism
Alan Colquhoun:
Three Kinds of Historicism
Current Architecture
Arcades - The History of a Building Type
In Bad Taste
AD PROFILE 49: Elements of Architecture
A Criticism of Modern Architecture or About the Downfall of the Art of Building
Elements of Architecture I : Interiors
Elements of Architecture II : Facades
Elements of Architecture III : Ground-Plan and Building Form

Doug Clelland, guest editor, Architectural Design (London: Academy Editions, vol. 53 no. 11/12, 1983).
The Genius of Venice 1500-1600
The View from Above
David Hockney Photographs
Victor Arwas:
Transcendental Photography
British Art and design 1900-1960
Belfast Urban Park
Cherry Garden Pier Competition
Another Aviary
Tower Projects 1983-84
Current Works: Terry Farrell Partnership
National Gallery Extension
James Gowen:
Design and Circumstances
AD PROFILE 50: Berlin--An Architectural History
Doug Clelland:
Berlin: An Architectural history
Ernst Badstübner:
Berlin--Its history and Face from the Thirteenth to the Sixteenth Century
David Leatherbarrow:
Friedrichstadt--A Symbol of Toleration
Julius Posener:
Schinkel's Eclecticism and 'The Architectural'
Goerd Peschken and Tilmann Heinisch
Berlin at the Beginning of the Twenthieth Century
Geord Peschken:
The Berlin 'Miethaus' and Renovation
Klaus Horman and Ludovica Scarpa:
Martin Wagner, the Trades Union Movement and Houseing Construction in Berlin in the First Half of the Nineteen Twenties
Dietrich von Beulwitz:
The Perls House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Benjamin Warner:
Berlin--The 'Nordic Homeland' and the Corruption of the Urban Spectacle
Woldgang Schäche:
Nazi Architecture and its Approach to Antiquity

Stephen Lauf, House in Laguna (virtual realm: 1983).

Frank O. Gehry, Winton Guest House (Wayzata, MN: 1983-86).

Philip Johnson and John Burgee, International Place at Fort Hill Square (Boston, MA: 1983).

Rem Koolhaas, Elia Zenghelis, Parc LaVillette (1983).




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