Pierluigi Nicolin, 38 Lotus International (Milan: Gruppo Editoriale Electa, 1983), 128 pages.
Funerary Lotus
Georges Teyssot:
Fragments of a funerary discourse
Paolo Portoghesi:
On the fertile ashes of ideology
Vittorio Savi:
The Aldorossian cemetery
Luigi Ghirri:
The cube and the portico
Pierluigi Nicolin:
Carlo Scarpa: the Brion cemetery-tomb at San Vito di Altivole
Giulio Carlo Argan:
The hill-fault
Lars Lerup:
Asplund's Stockholm crematorium
Demetri Porphyrios:
Classical, Christian, Socialdemocrat
Herman van Bergeijk:
Necropolis, metropolis
Richard Etlin:
Between two worlds
Marco Pozzetto:
Zale: obitorium garden
Luciano Semerani, Gigetta Tamaro Semerani:
Design of designs
Sergio Polano:
Bourgeois, Dutch, Theosophist
Arnalda Venier:
Technological death

Zany House 001   2248

Zany House 002   2249

Capital Park West   2250

Here's a picture of me at the first computer I ever worked on in 1983. It's the early INTERGRAPH system with two 19" screens, large digitizing table, keyboard, menu pad and 12 button cursor (as opposed to a 'mouse'--there is a difference!). The large image on the right screen is a wall section of Health Center 6, which is today a building on Girard Avenue, Philadelphia.

Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown, Welcome Park (Philadelphia: 1979-83), images: 2001.10.20, 1998.11.21.

Stephen Lauf, Zany House 001 (Virtual Realm: 1983).

Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown, Gordon Wu Hall, Butler College (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University, 1980-83), images: 2000.03.05

James Stirling and Michael Wilford, Staatsgalerie and Chamber Theater (Stuttgart: 1977-83).



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