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Pierluigi Nicolin, 59 Lotus International (Milan: Gruppo Editoriale Electa, 1989).
Pierluigi Nicolin:
Urban identity and technical infrastructures
Alberto Ferlenga:
Riverbank among the trees
Damjan Prelovsek:
Note on the construction of the riverbank
Luca Ortelli:
Similarities and differences
Alberto Ferlenga:
In the Piazza della Vittoria
Juan Miguel Hernandez Leon:
New transitional structures at Lerida
Herman Lebberz:
Schinkel's journey in England
Emilio Battisti:
On the Landwehrkanal
Eberhard Engelmann:
Abwasserpumpwerk Tiergarten
Mirkp Zardini:
New railway constructions
Frank Werner:
The myth of the atemporal

Clinical Research Building
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown

"We have written a lot about an architecture of meaning rather of expression--that is, an architecture that depends on symbolic form rather than abstract form; also we are suspicious of trying to too literally apply the methods of linguistics to architecture. We feel at home discussing symbolism and vocabulary as a system of symbols or ornament."

"We are not doing ordinary. What we are doing is using the ordinary and heightening it, making art out of it. This is a way of enriching everyday life. What we do is not ordinary after we are finished with it. It involves making the ordinary extraordinary by giving it a new context--often also a new scale and slightly modified proportions. Yet it is not ordinary after we are finished with it."

"We all love old stone buildings and their ornament. Because we love them and respect them does not mean we should try to replicate them."

Quotations: Robert Venturi from an interview with Peter Eisenman in Skyline (New York: The Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies), July, 1982.

OMA, Sea Terminal (Zeebrugge, Belgium: 1989).

James Stirling, Michael Wilford and Associates, Compton Verney Opera House (Warwickshire: interior view of the opera house with stage backdrop depicting the opera house, 1989).




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